Sunday, May 5, 2013

Slow Going

This restructure I decided to undertake is playing havoc with my mojo in the rewrites.

That and the fact that I didn't write anywhere near as much as I had planned over my holidays. Anyway I am now at 67% rewritten - and  good chunk of the 'new' chapters I have just worked on will need more going over when I am done - moving a head slowly.

Conflux 9 was amazing - and a little freaky in that as much as it is empowering for aspiring writers it can also be a little scary. The Inner Critic has gotten loader again and I doing my best to ignore him.

It also doesn't help my writing cause to be given an ARC of the upcoming book by one of my favorite authors - I am not complaining, truly ;)

But I'll get there. Still lots of work to go.

Art by Raphael Lacoste

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