Friday, September 7, 2012

End Game

As Raymond E. Feist gets closer to Magician's End and says farewell to Midkemia and Pug et al HarperVoyager are updating the cover of Magician the book that started it all and one of my absolute faves.

Riftwar #1
By Raymond E. Feist

And his back catalogue will at last be available in ebook format. Hopefully that will include the Empire trilogy he wrote with Janny Wurts, I am dying to have that on ebook.


Bob Milne said...

Agreed - it would be nice to see the Empire trilogy in e-book format. I kind of moved away from Midkemia for a while, but knowing that an end is in sight, I'm definitely looking to catch up on the final series.

Mark Timmony said...

Yeah, here's hoping they consider it part of his back-catalogue and do it.

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