Monday, July 23, 2012

Step by Step

I've been pushing through my third draft rewrites and it feels like I am going to be at this forever.  But then so did the second draft.

I've a rather large structural change I am currently in the throes of - taking two characters out of the first half of  the story to introduce them in the middle instead. And that is challenging. But it's also working... I think.

For those who might be interested, myself included, I've put a little widget at the top right hand side of my the blog tracking my rewrite progress. The total number of words I'm working with will change each session as I either delete (which is currently an aim) or if I add. But progress forward will be made. It's just the more I do the more holes I'm noticing, holes I have to fill which means more words... Of course using words economically is a lesson in writing itself. And I am slowly learning it.

I'm currently reading Seven Princes by John R. Fultz. Orbit sent me this early in the year and I am just getting around to it now - but them that's the way my reading life goes. I think I am going to have to make a schedule for my reading along with my writing... although it seems to be taking me longer and longer to get though books these days. But I will do it!

Now the question is how do I fit Warcraft into all of that as well....

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