Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Currently reading

So I've had this book for ages. In fact I was actually halfway through it when I put it down, not because I wasn't enjoying it but because something else (and I actually can't remember what) came into the store that I just had to read... probably a title by Michelle Sagara/West.

It's a little tricky jumping back into it where I left off, some of the characters are hazy but I do recall the main thrust. Anyway the reading is flowing well so I'm going to keep at it.

I also received a book that I have been sworn to secrecy about (for twoish weeks) but I shall be reading this next!


John said...

Proof copy? Beta reading? Spill the secrets!

Mark Timmony said...

Advance copy - to be honest I don't know why I am not allowed to say I am reading it when madhatterreviews is tweeting that he's reading.

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