Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Coming up for air

Or 'Having a Lunch Break'...

Oh dear. I've been very boring haven't I? No reviews, no news. Nothing.

Well I have been busy. We had a large signing last Thursday night with Kate Elliott, Karen Miller and Charles Stross. And it was awesome!

I have also been getting ready to go to World Con. That should be a fun thing, but truthfully it has been diabolical.

If my writing doesn't pan out and I still happen to be the manager of Galaxy when next it comes to town - or rather Melbourne -  we will not be bothering with a table in the Dealers Room.

So while I hope to have a good time down there, at present I am not feeling very positive about it at all.

I have also been busy reading the Sanderson tome 'The Way of Kings'. I am currently at the halfway mark and I am enjoying it which really surprises me because I have never read a book by Sanderson previously that I have liked. I am actually recommending this one to people and regular customers have given me some very surprised looks when I have.

In other news I have hit the last quarter of my first draft - and for some reason it feels like it's getting harder and harder to write. I haven't had as much time to dedicate to it as I did before I became manager so that might be part of it. I am also coming to the conclusion that I might actually need to do more in the way of detailed plotting. I have up till now written in a way that I know that beginning, middle and end of a story and kinda of just let the bits inbetween flow… that has become problematical at this end of my draft. So I will be looking at plotting more closely for the next draft AND for future installments.

I think.

I have also set up a goodreads account, feel free to add me if you do too. I should be finished the Sanderson in the next day or so - yes I will most likely be lugging it to Melbourne with me. I had hoped to have received the manuscript of Steel Queen by Karen Azinger by today to also take with me (I love working in a Bookshop and being able to ask publishers for a manuscript! :-D) but it hasn't arrived yet. Not that I am expecting to to heaps of reading but I must always have a book ready to go. Always.


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